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Q10148 - FAQ: How can I transfer my existent SQL database to my SQL database at ISQsolutions.com servers?

If you use the Enterprise Manager wizard to Export your database and you select "Copy Object and Data between SQL Server databases", the wizard will fail because you do not have Alter Database permission. Alter database can become a security issue by customers using it to cause instability in the SQL server, other hosting companies allow it and run that risk but we do not, we provide you with these role permissions ( db_securityadmin, db_ddladmin, db_backupoperator, db_datareader and db_datawrite ) with these roles you are able to perform the most common SQL tasks.

Now, the question is how can i transfer my database to ISQsolutions SQL Server? ISQsolutions recommend the following option:

Generate an SQL Script of your local SQL database using Enterprise Manager, then run the transact-SQL script using SQL Query Analyzer or use the Web-Based SQL manager (https://sqladmin.merchantsecure.com ) against ISQsolutions.com SQL server, now that you have created the structure of your SQL database in ISQsolutions SQL server you are ready to use the Enterprise Manager wizard to export your data to the server-side.

Be sure to select "Copy table(s) and view(s) from the source database" this way you will avoid the alter database error and you are done.

ISQsolutions would like to provide db_owner to avoid support, but we believe it is more important to minimize the risks related to SQL server and providing db_owner.

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