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Q10009 - FAQ: I can not connect via FTP?

The FTP hostname server settings was specified in the Hosting settings welcome message.

At ISQsolutions we usually assign a FTP entry at the domain name level pointing to the dedicated FTP servers. Try using ftp.yourdomain.com, replacing yourdomain.com with the domain hosted.

If you have not registered the domain yet or if you are transferring from another host, then you can use ftp.websoon.com address instead. The username and password are the one specified in the Hosting settings.

If you still have issues and the configuration is setup properly then most likely this happens because you are behind a firewall which is closing the port 21 for FTP service.

To test if your firewall is the issue, please do telnet to the ftp server port 21.

In Windows:

Open a command prompt by going to "Start" -> "Run" and typing cmd or command (depending on your version of Windows).

At the command prompt, type:

ping ftp.yourdomain.com or ping ftp.websoon.com

If that works, you should get a ping reply from IP address, like this:

Then type in:
telnet ftp.yourdomain.com 21 or telnet ftp.websoon.com 21

If you receive Connection timed out then your firewall/router/ISP is blocking port 21 the FTP port:

If you receive Welcome to our FTP server then you are OK. You can close and try to do FTP. Review your settings.

*If ftp.yourdomain.com is pointing to a different IP address then you have to use ftp.WebSoon.com instead.

Click to check our ftp setup tutorials to help you get setup fast

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